Keep your info private

ShortRoad makes recommendations and lets you decide the final call. No need to hand over sensitive bank or investment account information.

Designed for Stability

No need to check your stocks app every five minutes. ShortRoad chooses companies you can buy and hold in for years.

Analytics you can trust

Don't wonder what's behind the algorithm. ShortRoad will explain in plain English why it made the calls it did.

Platform Agnostic

ShortRoad is designed so you can check in through any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Trusted Practices

ShortRoad's algorithms are based off of the legends of value investing, such as Warren Buffett and Ben Graham.

Made for You

ShortRoad places your happiness first, not that of your broker or your trader.

Our mission is to help you be a better investor.

What ShortRoad was built for: to help you

I used to read 500 pages worth of financial statements a day, trying to make sure I didn't miss anything important for my fund. With ShortRoad, all I needed to do is set my preferences in the app and wait for my phone to buzz me about a company. It really was that easy.

Wilburn Preston
Index Fund Manager

Today, two types of financial companies exist today: the hyper-advanced startups that use machine learning to predict the next tick of the Dow Jones, and the wealth management firm that requires a $100,000 minimum deposit and charges $400 an hour for advice.

So how much of the money you invest with either of them ends up back in your own pocket?

We think there's a third way. You don't need the latest technology or data or mathematical models to make positive financial decisions for yourself and your loved ones. You also don't need to have a $100,000 minimum deposit. All you need is patience and insight. Our deal with you is that you provide the patience, and we'll provide the insight.

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